The Unlimited Paintball show down: Paintball Game at Moon and Mars Resort in Kanpur


Paintball is a game which is similar like the real life PUBG and FREE FIRE in this game you will get the gun with the gun powder which you can use for eliminating you opposition its fell like the real game.

Paintball Game
Moon and Mars Resort: A Paintball Paradise

If you want to enjoy the game with your friend you have to come in the moon and mars resort for that luxurious paintball game with more fun and joy with only 549 rupees only with food 899 rupees with unlimited food limited time offer with pool party in Kanpur.

State-of-the-Art Arena

The paintball arena at Moon and Mars Resort is meticulously designed to provide an immersive experience. For our Kanpur people to enjoy our paintball game in Kanpur moon and mars is the one and only resort in Kanpur who is providing the paintball game for you.

Paintball game
Paintball Game
Quality equipment

We are providing the quality equipment for the paintball game in the moon and mars resort. We are using all the company equipment for you after using the equipment we do sanitize all the equipment after the using by the people.

Professional Guidance

In our moon and mars resort one of the best resort in Kanpur here we are providing best trainer for the beginner by which the beginner don’t get harmed by the powder gun we always think safety first for our guest.

Game Modes and Events

We are providing many game mode for our gest In the moon and mars resort for the paintball game in Kanpur.

  1. Capture the flag – This is the basic game in this game you have to go in opponent base camp and get their flag with the help of your team made
  2. Team death match – In this game you have to eliminate each other who will eliminate more al last he will win the paintball game
  3. Scenario Games – In this game you can make the scenario with your friend like zombie etc.

Paintball is perfect for all the occasions because you can enjoy it with your friend it will help you for the cheak your physical fitness as well as mental fitness you will we enjoy it.

Embrace the Action: Book Now for an Epic Paintball Adventure!


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