Kavya Ganga

November 8, 2022 2022-11-11 5:17

Kavya Ganga

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Happy Audience

“The Moon and Mars Resort staff were extremely accommodating and allowed us to check in early at like 10 am. We got to resort super early as our flight timings and I didn’t wanna wait. So this was a big plus. The sevice was exceptional as well. Would definitely send a friend there. Above all, it is the best hotel situated near the Kanpur airport.”


Trip Advisor
“The hospitality and services provided by each staff of the hotel were excellent, they attended us well at all times and we were impressed by their courtesy. We enjoyed our stay and convey thanks to all associated with the hotel. Special thanks to ********, who took very good care of our family since the inspection day until the end of the vacay. We hope to come again soon and would surely recommend to all our visiting friends.”


Trip Advisor
“The Moon and Mars Resort is an excellent choice for anybody considering hosting their events in Kanpur. Top level facilities and excellent staff make for a brilliant environment within which to operate.The hotel is meticulous in its planning, providing all amenities. Always prompt and attentive. The event management team managed both our events with the utmost professionalism. Highly competent and skilled, they made each moment worth celebrating.”


Trip Advisor
“I am so appreciative that there exists a place in Kapnur that values customer services and hospitatlity to its every single bit. Our conference was huge success and I look forward for arranging all the professional meetings, seminars and workshops here. Keep up the great work team Moon and Mars for its only the customers satisfaction that defiens your art of management.”


Trip Advisor

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