Kanpur’s Sweet Dishes: A Taste of Tradition

Kanpur is popularly well known for “Leather City” and for its food where food is not just a food it’s an adventure. Kanpur famous food are mainly sweet dishes like Thaggu Ke Laddu, Badnaam Kulfi etc. So now prepare your taste buds for memorable journey through the catchy flavours of Kanpur. So, in this blog we will discuss about the famous dishes of Kanpur. Get ready to explore! If you are foodie, then you should read this blog and get your mouth watered with Kanpur famous food.

So first we should start with sweet dishes name of Kanpur

  1. Thaggu Ke Laddu
  2. Imarti
  3. Badnaam Kulfi
  4. Makhan Malai
1. Thaggu Ke Laddu

Thaggu Ke Laddu a sweet shop in Kanpur which is started by Ram Avatar Pandey. So, this shop has a famous tagline Aisa koi sagga nahi, jisse humne thagga nahi”. This takes brand to another level that nobody has imagined. This ladoo has a better quality and is very appetizing. Thaggu Ke Laddu is super famous all across India because it tastes really good. The shops that sell these ladoos have been keeping their quality top-notch for a long time.

These ladoos are made with really good stuff like khoya, semolina, and lots of dry fruits like pistachios, cashews, and almonds. They also add ghee and sugar, but they keep the exact recipe a secret so that the ladoos keep tasting awesome. They look kind of white-brownish and taste amazing, plus they’re not too expensive. You can keep them for a long time without them going bad. These ladoos first came about in Kanpur when the British were ruling India. They got so popular that now everyone in the country knows about them. And not only are they tasty, but they’re also affordable, which makes them even better.

2. Badnaam Kulfi

You might wonder why it’s called ‘Badnaam Kulfi’ in Hindi, which translates to ‘Defamed Icecream’! Well, the founder chose this name to warn people about the effects of white sugar. But over time, folks forgot the original story, and now the name just makes people chuckle. Badnaam Kulfi, also known as Infamous Kulfi, is a special sweet treat. It’s like a creamy dessert, kind of like Rabri. They make it by cooking milk slowly until it gets thick, then they add sugar and flavors like cardamom powder and saffron. They also toss in chopped nuts like pistachios, almonds, and Mangalore cashews. After that, they pour it into molds, freeze it, and serve it chilled. When you visit Thaggu ke Laddoo shop, you’ve got to try their amazing Badnaam Kulfi. They’ve got different kinds of kulfi, but this one is the tastiest. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this awesome kulfi next time you’re in Kanpur!

3. Imarti

Imarti sweet is a yummy dessert found in almost every sweet shop in Kanpur. You can even see how it’s made right there in the shop. There are different kinds of imarti, like Imarti Rabri, Imarti Dahi, and just plain Imarti. People in Kanpur love them all because they’re not too sweet and they feel nice to eat. To make imarti sweet, they use dal called urad dal, which they soak in water overnight. Then they wash and grind it until it’s really smooth. Sometimes they add saffron to make it smell nice. Next, they mix water and sugar in a pot and cook it until it becomes thick like syrup. They also add a bit of cardamom powder for flavor. They heat up ghee in a big pan and pour the dal batter into a cloth with a small hole. They squeeze the batter out to make circles in the hot ghee, making pretty patterns. Once the imartis are golden and cooked, they dip them in the sugar syrup for a bit. Then, they take them out, strain them, and serve them hot. Imarti sweet is loved by everyone in Kanpur because it tastes great and watching it being made is really cool!

4. Makhan Malai

During Diwali, people from Kanpur eagerly await the arrival of makhan malai, a popular winter delicacy. The best makhan malai in Kanpur can be found at Shukla Makhan Bhandar on Birhana Road or at Kallu Photo Makhan. Despite its name, which translates to butter cream, the real star of this dessert is the morning dew! Fresh buffalo milk is boiled and left to cool outdoors. The cream that forms is enriched by the dewdrops collected on its surface. The colder the weather, the more dew is gathered, resulting in a richer makhan malai. A specific amount of cream is added and churned slowly with sugar, saffron, cardamom powder, and finely chopped nuts. The froth that forms on top is carefully collected. This process is repeated until all the frothy layer is gathered. A generous serving of this flavorful sweet, topped with nuts, is served. First-timers may be unsure whether to drink or eat it. As you enjoy the sweet, the foam gradually sinks, indicating the high quality of milk used. One of the best features of this winter treat is its lightness—it doesn’t stick to your palate but goes down smoothly. You should also try a glass of badam doodh and a serving of kesariya rabdi with it. This light sweet is surprisingly good for you. The minerals from dewdrops improve skin health, prevent wrinkles, and give a natural glow. Saffron and almonds strengthen the body, and this sweet is believed to enhance eyesight.


In summary, the sweet dishes in Kanpur are a tasty journey through the city’s food traditions. From famous treats like Thaggu Ke Laddu to the delightful Imarti and creamy Makhan Malai, each dish tells a story of Kanpur’s culture. When you’re exploring Kanpur’s food scene, don’t forget about where to stay. The city has plenty of hotels in Kanpur to choose from, whether you want something fancy or budget-friendly. With cozy boutique spots and modern chains, there’s a place for everyone to relax after indulging in Kanpur’s sweet delights. And if you’re looking specifically for accommodations, there are also many options for hotels in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.


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