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Kanpur's First Ever Paintball Game

Experience the thrill of Paintball like never before, exclusively at Moon and Mars Resort in Kanpur. We're proud to bring the first-ever Paintball Game in Kanpur.

Embark on the ultimate adventure!

Welcome To The Paintball Club

Experience The Real Battleground

The most awaited Paintball Game is now in Kanpur. Moon and Mars Resort has introduced the first-ever Paintball Game.

Paintball game is the fastest-growing sport in Europe. This game originated in America in the early 80s. This game involves teams competing against each other to eliminate other players by hitting them with a ball filled with paint. 

In this game, you will experience the real battleground with a natural war-like arena. The battleground will have artificial obstacles such as bunkers, sacks, barricades, etc. Like other sports, Paintball has specialized equipment and accessories like markers, Balls, Helmets, Chest guards, and Neck guards and we provide you with proper dress for the game.


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